Exterior Detailing

At Oilstop Carwash, we understand that life can be rough on the paint & exterior of your vehicle. Whether it's the especially HARSH UV rays at Santa Fe's HIGH Altitude, Environmental Contamination or that pesky shopping cart that managed to find YOUR CAR, we are here to help!


All Details $104.99 and up include: a $27 Super Wash the day!


Triple Step Paint Restoration:

We use a 3-step process to restore your paint to looking great! First, we use a Clay Bar to remove any harmful surface contaminants from your paint. Second, we buff out light oxidation, surface scratches & imperfections with an advanced compound. Finally, we polish your paint with our top shelf  Australian "SlipStream X-Factor" or German "Klasse" Acrylic Wax applied with an orbital polisher and removed by hand. This leaves your paint looking & feeling smoother, richer in color and fully protected! The exterior plastic/vinyl is protected with a high quality ArmorAll. It's only $159.99 This thorough process takes about 1.5 hours after your vehicle is washed & dried. Recommended 1-2x per year.


Express Carnauba Wax:

We use a high quality cream carnauba wax, applied with an orbital polisher and removed by hand. After, we apply a high-grade ArmorAll to the exterior plastic/vinyl trim to leave the whole exterior protected & looking great! It starts at $119.99 and takes about 45 minutes after your vehicle is washed & dried. Recommended every 3 months.​


Why should I even wax my vehicle?​

That's a great question! Think of your cars paint like its skin. Wax cleans, preserves & protects your paint almost like lotion does for our skin. All 3 layers of your primer, paint and protective clear coat combined are as THIN as TIN FOIL! They MUST be protected. Consider that a new, quality paint job costs SEVERAL THOUSAND dollars! Our services restore moisture and remove contamination of the paint to restore the shine and protect from UV-Rays, environmental contamination & the salt/road grime, which dull and fade your paint. Your paint is left cean of contaminants to restore the factory shine and reveal the true beauty, hidden by surface imperfections. The ArmorAll preserves the exterior plastic/vinyl to protect it against fading, becoming brittle and looking chalky. Check your Owners Manual; it almost certainly recommends regular waxing to protect your investment!


Headlight Restoration:

Are your headlights turning yellow, clouding up, or getting dim at night? Are they making your vehicle look older than it is? This is a real safety issue for you and your passengers! The good news is, we can FIX that! Our Headlight Restoration service is an effective, affordable alternative to replacing your expensive light housings. We completely remove the top, worn out layer of plastic lens to reveal fresh, clear plastic that is ready to be re-polished and UV-sealed to make your headlights shine like new again! This service comes with a 1 Year Guarantee, though it usually lasts longer than that. This process is only $99.99 and takes about 1 hour.


WOW! See our Before & After Examples shown below!


Headlight Touch-Up:

Our Touch-Up Service is recommended if your lights are just starting to haze up and have not yet gotten very cloudy. This safely polishes off the compromised plastic on your lens to make them shine again! This service is only $39.99 and takes about 20-30 minutes.


Other Detail services offered include...

  • Paint Sealant
  • Water Spot Removal
  • Oxidation Removal/Reduction
  • Minor Scratch Removal/Reduction
  • Full Handwash
  • and much more!

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